"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
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Covenant Theology

Covenant Theology
Adult Sunday School: Fall Quarter, 2006

Text: Christ of the Covenants or Covenants by O. Palmer Robertson

Online lectures on Covenant Theology by O. Palmer Robertson

#1. The Unity of the Divine Covenants
#2. The Covenant of Creation
#3. The Covenant of the Kingdom
#4. Which Divides Scripture, Covenants or Dispensations?
#1. Covenant of Creation
#2. Covenant of Commencement
#3. Covenant of Preservation - Noah
#4. Covenant of Promise - Abraham
#5. Covenant of Law - Moses
#6. Covenant of the Kingdom - David

Online notes to supplement text book  

Part I.  Introduction to Covenant Theology

Week 1: Introductory Concepts (September 3, 2006)
     1.     Importance - Why Study the Covenants?
     2.     Biblical Words for the Covenant
     3.     What Is a Covenant?
     4.     Three Leading Covenants 

Weeks 2-3: Overview of Covenant Theology (September 10/17, 2006)
     1.     Adam-Christ
     2.     The Beginning of the Covenant of Grace
     3.     The New Covenant in Christ

Part II.  The Covenant of Creation

Week 4: The Covenant of Creation (September 24, 2006)    
     1.     Three Key Terms of the Covenant
     2.     The Covenant of Works
     3.     The Effect of the Fall
     4.     The Second Adam's Obedience

Part III. The Covenant of Grace
     1.     Definitions
     2.     The Remedy of the Fall
     1.     Background
     2.     Aspects of the Abrahamic Covenant
     1.     The Original Significance of Circumcision
     2.     Circumcision in the Old Testament
     3.     New Testament Fulfillment of Circumcision
     4.     Baptism as the Sign of the New Covenant
     1.     Progression/Continuity/Discontinuity
     2.     The Content of the Law
     3.     The Jurisdiction of the Law
Week 9: Excursus: Covenants vs. Dispensations (October 30, 2006) 
     1.     What Is Dispensationalism?
     2.     Goal of History
     3.     Literal Hermeneutic
     4.     Israel vs. Church
     5.     Theological Tendencies
     6.     Major Errors/Conclusion
Week 10: The Covenant of David (November 5, 2006) 
     1.     Continuity/Discontinuity
     2.     Fulfillment in Christ
     3.     Centrality in the New Testament
Week 11: The New Covenant (November 12, 2006) 
     1.     The End of Shadows, Copies, & Types
     2.     The New Covenant
Week 12: The New Covenant (November 19, 2006) 
     1.     The Resurrection and the Structure of the New Creation
     2.     The Resurrection of Christ, New Man, and New Creation