"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
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Monday, November 30, 2020
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Theology of Paul

Second Quarter Sunday school notes for Fall 2005. 

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8.0 Second Quarter Overview

9.0 Union with Christ
     9.1 The All-Embracing Doctrine of Union
     9.2 Providing the Context for Romans 6
     9.3 Exposition of Romans 6:1-11
     9.4 Union and Death to the Law

10.0 Life in the Spirit
     10.1 The Spirit and the Beginning of the Messianic Age
     10.2 The Spirit's Power and the Law's Deadness Contrasted
     10.3 Being in the Spirit

11.0 The New Man
     11.1 Perspectives of the New Man
     11.2 The New Man and New Creation
     11.3 The Recreation into God's Image
     11.4 The Transformation of Body and Soul
     11.5 The Individual Nature of the New Man
     11.6 The Ongoing Link with Christ
     11.7 The New Man Defined

12.0 Faith: The Mode of Existence
     12.1 The Life of Faith
     12.2 The Moment of Faith vs. the Life of Faith
     12.3 Examples of This Mode of Life
     12.4 The Relationship between Faith and the Spirit
     12.5 The Nature of Faith

13.0 The New Obedience
     13.1 Indicative and Imperative
     13.2 The Danger of an Over- or an Under-Emphasis
     13.3 Illustrations of Paul's Use of the Indicative & the Imperative
     13.4 The Theological Breakdown of Romans 6:11-23

14.0 Perfectionism and the Ongoing Struggle
     14.1 Being Made Perfect
     14.2 Paul's Usage of the Word "Perfect" or "Mature"
     14.3 Conclusion

15.0 Under the Law of Christ

16.0 The Weak and the Strong 


First Quarter Sunday school notes for Spring 2005 by Associate Pastor Julian Zugg

Click on the highlighted links below to pull up the class notes. 
Print them out and bring them to class.

1.0 Introduction: Fundamental Studies
     1.1 Method
     1.2 The Two Worlds
     1.3 The Two Adams
     1.4 The Federal Link
     1.5 The Glory of the Second Man

2.0 The Present Evil World
     2.1 The World According to Paul
     2.2 Looking at the World
     2.3 Excursus: Romans 5:12-14
     2.4 The Individual-Personal Level of Sin
     2.5 The Essence of Sin and the Old World
     2.6 Paul's Summation of the World

3.0 The Role of the Law and Its Effect on Sin
     3.1 The Law Exposes Sin
     3.2 Ridderbos on Galatians
     3.3 The Gentiles and the Law

4.0 The Revelation of the Wrath of God
     4.1 Two Elements to His Wrath
     4.2 When Is God's Wrath Brought Out
     4.3 The Role of the Gospel

5.0 Law, Jewish Thought, and the Old Testament
     5.1 The Jewish Idea of the Law
     5.2 Paul's Journey of Discovery (Phil. 3:4-9)
     5.3 The Root of the Problem (Rom. 9:30-33)
     5.4 Paul and the Old Testament Law

6.0 The Restoration of Man
     6.1 The Righteousness of God
     6.2 The Link between the Righteousness of Christ and Us
     6.3 Grace, Faith, and Righteousness

7.0 Reconciliation
     7.1 Why We Need Reconciliation
     7.2 Reconciliation
     7.3 The Death of Christ that Brings Reconcilation
     7.4 Reconciliation and the Adoption of Sons